Easy Street Casino - Central City, Colorado

Easy Street Casino: Easy Street Casino is the sister casino to Famous Bonanza (a Central City original!). Both these casinos are operated with the customer in mind as every casino that survived in Central City this far has had to learn well. The Easy Street (as the name implies) is a very laid back casino. It's located on Main Street downtown, but still has entrances going down the hill facing Fortune Valley Hotel & Casino and the City of Black Hawk. It's also right next to the local brewery Dostal Alley Casino and Brew Pub.

Slots at EZ Street: Easy Street Casino has 205 slot machines for your enjoyment. It's a beautiful casino. Included in those numbers are video poker machines, video slots and reel slots. For table games, Easy Street has a sister casino Famous Bonanza.

Dining at Easy Street: Millie's is EZ Street's restaurant and its located on the top floor. It serves a variety of cuisines and brags about its green chili, steaks and seafood. Breakfast is at 8:30am except on Fri and Sat when it opens at 8:30. See you there!

Easy Street Casino
(303) 582-5914

120 Main Street
Central City, Colorado 80427

General Manager: Ann Dodson
Owner: Grimes Gaming Corporation
Slots: 205 slot machines and video poker
Official website: FamousBonanza.com


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