Cripple Creek Casinos and Town

Cripple Creek, Colorado is a fun and quaint gambling town in Colorado just west of Colorado Springs. If you like the old west, and you like gambling, you'll find Cripple Creek to be a friendly old gold mining town that still might have within it the power to make you rich! Complete with old time hospitality and ambiance. During festivals you'll find mock gun-fights in the street. Cripple Creek has a nice sized town in it, too and was not quite as "deserted" as Central City and Black Hawk were.

Casino Action: Cripple Creek Casinos have changed over the years as they have in the other towns, but Cripple Creek takes the prize for not blowing up entire mountains to build mega-casinos. Sure, there are some large ones in town for the more gaming oriented visitor, Double Eagle Hotel Casino (pictured below left) and Century Casino Cripple Creek comes to mind for sure. But don't cheat yourself - the Triple Crown Casino's (Midnight Rose, JP McGills, and company) do not fail to impress. All of the casinos in Cripple Creek make up the feel of the town and simply staying in one casino does not make sense. Move around a bit!

Hotels and lodging in Cripple Creek: Casino hotels are at a premium for sure - Double Eagle and Womacks is all we have right now. Bronco Billy's and Buffalo Billy's are teamed up with Gold King Inn and have a shuttle. There are various RV campsites and bed and breakfasts around town, too. Many people stay in Woodland and others just make it back down to Colorado Springs or wherever they came from. Before getting on the roads check the Cripple Creek weather page.

Cripple Creek's casinos now have the added table games and increased betting limits as of 2008 when the maximum bet was raised to $100 from $5. The newest casino in town is Wildwood Casino and its a beautiful addition to the city. Definitely worth checking out, and hard to miss.

History in Teller County & Cripple Creek: Like the other gaming towns, Cripple Creek and all of Teller County are rich in history. To read more on these topics, click here: Teller County history.

Travelers Tip: Make sure everyone you are traveling with is at least 21 years old. The casinos have strict policies (and laws) on who can enter. This can often lead to a miserable time if one person cannot come into the gaming floor. At each casinos discresion minors can or cannot come in the restaurants. A few casinos have arcades for minors. You've been warned. And please folks: no babies in the cars!!!

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