J.P. McGill's Casino - Cripple Creek, Colorado

(719) 689-2104

232 East Bennett Ave.
Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813

General Managers: Larry Hill
Slots: 320 slot and VP machines

J.P. McGill's Casino: J.P. McGills Casino is part of the Triple Crown group of casinos. The Triple Crown's other casinos are Midnight Rose and the Brass Ass Casino.

Hotel accomodations: J.P. McGill's Hotel & Casino has some great rooms to stay in, too - always a bonus for Colorado casino towns which lack in adequate lodging a lot of the time. The rooms are very nice, too.

Gaming information: J.P. McGill's Casino has over 320 slot machines and video poker games. While there are no table games here officially, unofficially there are plenty. (What I mean is since the Triple Crown Casinos are all connected by the time you walk to the table games you're in the Midnight Rose).

Dining: J.P McGill's has an Irish pub called J.P's Pint & Platter on the first floor if you get hungry for a great sandwhich and a beer. Midnight Rose next door offers fine dining at the Down Under Steakhouse if you'd rather have a quiter environment. (for the steakhouse reservations are suggested: call 800.635.5825, ext. 0)


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