Doc Holliday Casino - Cripple Creek, Colorado

Doc Holliday's Casino: Doc Holliday's Casino is located in downtown Central City on historic Main Street. Hard to miss. This is a Central City original casino. It's changed locations once - it used to be on the corner near the Teller House. Its new location is much nicer and roomier and is where Harrah's Glory Hole Saloon used to be. That fact alone should tell you Doc Holliday can run a casino well!

Doc's thrives because of the way they treat their customers, I know this because this is one of our moderators at Colorado Gambling Forum's favorite casino. The Doc has survived the hard times in Central City and come out with flying colors. They got right on the ball getting a poker table into Central City when there was very little going on in that department and with the new law Doc's was able to bring in roulette and higher betting limits.

Food: Doc Holliday is perfect for sandwich lovers. The sandwiches are great! So stop into Doc's Deli and Snack Bar.

Doc Holliday's Casino
(303) 582-1400

131 Main Street
Central City, Colorado 80427

General Manager: Doug James
Owner: Doc Holliday Casino, LLC
Slots: 254 slot machines and video poker
Blackjack: 2 tables in the blackjack pit
Poker: 1 poker table
Roulette: 1 roulette table
Official website:


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