Dostal Alley Casino & Brewery - Central City, Colorado

Dostal Alley Casino & Brewpub: Dostal Alley Casino & Brewpub - I hope we don't have to mention it, but we will anyway, Dostal Alley Casino & Brewery has the best beer in Black Hawk, Central City or Cripple Creek - with the exception of Black Hawk Station Casino which serves the same beer and is Dostal Alley's sister casino.

In addition to good beer, the video poker bar is a riot with a good group of local characters ALWAYS present. You'll find a few over 60 slot machines for gaming.

Dining: Dostal Alley has a great little Italian hide-away in the basement (and another bar!) - this place serves up the best calzones I've had. They make pizza, too - but it's all about the calzone. (I'm talking from experience, I worked all over this town and Black Hawk) - Dostal Alley was always a major feeding and watering hole for me. You will also find salads, italian sandwiches, etc.

Dostal Alley Casino & Brewery
(303) 582-1610

1 Dostal Alley
Central City, Colorado 80427

General Manager: Lisa Boulter
Owner: Dostal Alley, Inc.
Slots: 64 slot machines and VP
Official website:


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