Riviera Black Hawk Casino

Riviera Casino at Black Hawk: Riviera Casino - in Black Hawk is a mammoth! It's easily as big as the Isle of Capri right across the street (minus the hotel of course). The casino offers 24 hour non-stop gaming, plus free parking and dining options. The location (coming up from Golden) is very conv. and the first casino you will see on the left. Just take a left at the stoplight when you get into town and pull in. The Riviera Casino officially opened for business Feb. 4, 2000.

Casino information: I'd consider Riviera one of the bigger casinos in Black Hawk. It's also close to the Isle and LadyLuck both of which are also larger casinos. You'll find blackjack, craps, roulette, poker and of course video poker and slots. The players card at the Riv is worth joining if you play there a lot. Clearly there are comps to be earned and you'll want to receive coupons in the mail if you frequent the town. There is ample floor staff and rarely a line at the cashier.

Dining at the Riv: All you can eat buffet! You'll find a breakfast buffet for $6, Lunch is $10 and Dinnger $15. On the weekends things are a couple bucks more expensive and there are a few more selections. Saturday and Sunday there is a brunch for $13.

Riviera Black Hawk
(303) 582-1000

444 Main Street
Black Hawk, Colorado 80422

General Manager: Nick Polcino Jr.
Owner: Riviera Black Hawk, Inc.
Slots: 744 slot machines and VideoPoker
Live Blackjack: 5 tables
Poker Room: 2 tables
Craps pit yes
Roulette wheel: yes
Casino hours of operation: 24 hours a day!
Official website: www.RivieraBlackHawk.com


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