Bullpen Casino - Black Hawk, Colorado

Picture of Bullpen Casino at night. (Bullpen is the casino to the left of Bullwhackers - both casinos are owned by the same company) Both casinos only house slot machines and video poker.

Bullpen Casino - Black Hawk, Colorado: Bullpen Casino as you can see is almost the same casino as Bullwhackers. You can walk freely through each casino and barely notice a difference. Free valet parking for guests (please tip) is in the back of the casino. Bullpen Casino is where Bronco Billy's used to be. There are 102 slot machines and VP here, but as we said, this casino and Bullwhackers are nearly the same and there are another 387 slots next door. You might as well just call it 500 slot machines. The casino is well staffed and is "sports" themed.

Restaurant at Bullpen: Dostal Alley has a great little Italian hide-away in the basement (and another bar!) - this place serves up the best calzones I've had. They make pizza, too - but it's all about the calzone. (I'm talking from experience, I worked all over this town and Black Hawk) - Dostal Alley was always a major feeding and watering hole for me. You will also find salads, italian sandwiches, etc.

Bullpen Casino
(303) 271-2500

101 Gregory Street
Black Hawk, Colorado 80422

General Manager: Bruce Lowder
Owner: Penn Bullpen
Slots: 102 slot machines and VP
Official website: www.Bullwhackers.com


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