Black Hawk, Colorado - The City and its Casinos

Black Hawk, Colorado is the largest of the three gambling districts in Colorado. There are a total of 17 casinos if you include the Grande Plateau (inside the Canyon) and Bullpen (inside Bullwhackers). As with the other gambling towns in Colorado (and the indian casinos) you must be 21 to enter the casinos.

The largest casinos in Colorado reside in Black Hawk including the Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel, the Lodge Casino & Hotel, Mardi Gras Casino, Ameristar Casino & Hotel, the Riviera and more! The expansion in Black Hawk is explosive and there is always something going on or being built. Ameristar's hi-rise casino hotel in the middle of the mountains is quite a site. They literally blew up a mountain to put it in - we're still out to lunch on that one.

Black Hawk used to be a very busy gold mining town and like Central City and Cripple Creek nearly turned into a ghost town. So as you can expect it is also rich in history as well as gold and casinos! Read a quick history of Black Hawk here. In 1991 Colorado voters passed limited stakes gambling in order to bring in much needed revenue to Colorado and to hopefully revive Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek's economies. When we say "ghost towns," that might not be the perfect description - there was a busy tourist season in the towns and some locals remained despite hardships. Since were on the topic - casino employee's can browse job listings here: Black Hawk casino jobs.

The economy slumped in 2008 and Colorado voters passed more "pro-gambling" legislations increasing the max bet in the casinos from $5 to $100. The Black Hawk casinos saw an immediate increase in revenue however as of late 2010 revenue figure for Black Hawk casinos are dropping again. The new gaming laws also allowed for more table games and many Black Hawk casinos now have craps and more.

Central City is only one mile up the road from Black Hawk and should not be missed if you happen to be in town. It is also very rich in history. Poker, blackjack, slots and other table games available there, too. Getting to Black Hawk can be done a number of ways. If you are coming in from Boulder you can take Hwy 119 (Peak to Peak Highway) all the way in. From Golden you can take Highway 6. You can also take the Central City Parkway and simply come down the road to Black Hawk since it's only a mile. And there are other more dangerous ways (but we'll leave them off the website) ...

It should go without saying, but we'll say it again - It's important in the winter to always make sure you check the weather and road conditions! Also do not rely on us as your sole information provider on weather and road conditions. Please visit the link to the state department of transportation for official road reports and weather. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents on the roadways. So please be safe!

Top Black Hawk Casino Hotels:

To get a listing here you have to have a casino + hotel. Currently there are only four - so we're listing them all :) .

Ameristar Casino Hotel - The most exciting (kind of hard to deny it) casino hotel in Black Hawk is Ameristar. It is only a little more spendy (maybe $10 per night). This skyrise has incredible views down the canyons and of Black Hawk. It is really impressive at night. You can see all the way up the hill to Central City, too. check rates

Isle of Capri Hotel & Casino - in Black Hawk (especially in the winter) gamblers and locals alike can appreciate the familiar tropical feel of the Isle. The Isle was Black Hawk's first luxury hotel. check rates

Lady Luck Tower & Casino is Black Hawk's newest luxury hotel and is owned by the Isle of Capri (in fact the two are connected by pedestrian walkways - which makes it nice and easy to lodge in one but capitalize on twice the gaming, twice the food... you get the idea. This is the old Colorado Central Station Casino for those of you who remember.. check rates

The Lodge Casino is huge and the suites and rooms are wonderful. The Lodge Hotel & Casino is right n the middle of Black Hawk so all casinos are easy access. Awesome architecture at the Lodge Casino and massive gaming floor. check rates

Fortune Valley Hotel & Casino is a large luxury hotel & casino in Central City if you can find a hotel in Black Hawk. This casino is awesome in its own right. Just a short shuttle ride to Blackhawk. rates
Travelers Tip: Black Hawk & Central City are only separated by a short shuttle ride. If the hotels in Black Hawk are filled up, try Central City and vise versa - either town should do in a pinch if your desired hotel is sold out. I don't want to downplay the local bed & breakfasts either. Although often considered last by gamblers many of the B&Bs have private hot tubs and home cooked breakfast. (check our hotels & lodging page)

Also keep in mind: Black Hawk casinos get busy! especially on the holliday's - so book your hotel rooms well in advance because the casinos are popular and always will sell out!

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Black Hawk, Colorado, 80422


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