Johnny Nolon's Casino - Cripple Creek, Colorado

Johnny Nolon's Casino: Johnny Nolon's Casino is located in Cripple Creek - it was opened October 1st, 1991 making it an original Cripple Creek Casino. It's an average sized casino for Cripple Creek with a little over 250 slots. You'll find Goldie's Restaurant a fine place to catch a bite to eat while you're gambling here. Nolon's Casino has a good selection of slots including progressive (networked) slot machines.

Johnny Nolon's has two free private parking lots, so just drive into town on Bennett Avenue until you see us on the corner!

Johnny Nolon's Casino
(719) 689-2104

301 East Bennett Avenue
Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813

General Manager: David Minter
Owner: Minter Holding, LLC
Slots: 254 slot machines and video poker
Official website: